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Getting prepared

Carpet Cleaning Preparation

  • Please advise your technician with regards to moving your furniture, i.e., weak legs, loose tops, delicate furniture. We will only move furniture that is reasonable for one person.
  • Please have carpet pre-vacuumed to ensure best cleaning results
  • Remove all items from furniture to be moved including books on tables, lamps, valuables etc. We will not move furniture that displays breakable items.
  • Please move any small pieces of furniture from the carpet such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc. prior to our arrival. This will shorten processing time and return the carpet to normal use sooner.
  • Antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved.
  • Please let us know prior to cleaning of any spots or stains which may require special attention and identify the staining agent if possible. Your technician has had specialized training in handling these concerns and it is our desire to get them out.
  • To quicken drying time, we recommend heat and air flow. Turning on your furnace or circulation fan and/or oscillating fans will definitely help .
  • Preparing it all beforehand not only saves time but also surplus efforts.

    We do all this by using Carpet shampooer products which are highly effective on these carpet fabrics and can clean it inside out for a flawless carpet. From removal of obstinate stains to dry cleaning, our experts for carpet cleaning Mississauga services know all the hacks and can pull it off for best results. Apart from carpet cleaning, our services like mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning are also valued by our clients. 

What our customers are saying

Appreciate all the years of services. The carpets always look fantastic when finished, I can clearly see the difference

Christina J.